Anne-Laure Lacan is a French illustrator and visual artist currently based in London.
After completing a Foundation Year (Fine Art) at Central Saint Martins, she moved on to a Bachelors Degree in Illustration and Visual Media at the University of the Arts London, from which she graduated in 2021 with First Class Honours.

Through personal practice, studies and commissioned work, Anne-Laure has been able to experiment with a wide range of media, her strength lies within her ability to adapt and respond to briefs.



Anne-Laure's personal work is sensitive and gravitates around recurrent themes, such as mental health, vulnerability, insecurities, grief, womanhood, mindfulness and personal struggles.

Music, words and sounds are a massive source of inspiration to Anne-Laure - her own music practice started very early on and granted her with perfect pitch and synesthesia, creating a back and forth discussion between sounds and visuals.

She started experimenting with denim and paint following her first self-organised exhibition in 2019 with partner and musician/artist Maurice O'Connor. The hand-painted vintage jackets caught the eyes of many and led the couple to co-found eco-friendly clothing brand Sunflower Snowqueen in 2020.
Sunflower Snowqueen sold out their first event in October 2021, which featured musicians Sample Answer, Josh McClorey and Royal Male.


Exhibitions & Events

Central Saint Martins Art & Design Graduate Show, London

'Technicolor Suicide'
The Troubadour, London

UAL Online Graduate Show, London



Sunflower Snowqueen

The Brink, Broadway Market, London



For any enquiries, feel free to reach out to annelaurelacan.art@gmail.com

Instagram: @annelaurelacan.art
TikTok: @annelaurelacan