Sunflower Snowqueen is a brand I co-founded with Maurice O'Connor in September 2020. We both work together on clothing design, photography/social media content and partnerships with suppliers. I also handle sales and website management.


After experimenting with paint and denim vintage jackets, we decided to push things further and create a safe spot for art making, clothing design, music and words - hoping that it would resonate with people.

All of our clothing items are vegan and eco-friendly. They are printed, packaged and shipped from the UK. All clothing orders are shipped in 100% plastic-free packaging, we are working on finding plastic-free goodies packagings. Our paper postal mailing bags are manufactured from responsible, sustainable sources to comply with FSC certi­fica­tion. The paper is both compostable and degradable, and paper mailers can be easily recycled, making this an eco-friendly option.

Sunflower Snowqueen

Sunflower Snowqueen - Anne-Laure Lacan
Sunflower Snowqueen brand